I’ve been waiting a long time to watch this movie. It was worth the wait!! As expected, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are brilliant as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. That is no surprise. I don’t really think it is much of a surprise that Pedro Pascal is the perfect villain as Maxwell Lord. What did surprise me was Kristin Wiig’s Cheetah. WOW! I have always enjoyed Kristen Wiig’s comedic performances. In WW84 she shows the world she can do so much more than comedy. Her character’s transformation from the nerdy, barely noticed, Dr. Barbara Minerva to the powerful, will not be ignored Cheetah is nothing short of phenomenal. Kristen Wiig beautifully portrays the discovery of her powers and the acceptance and then desire to be beyond anything she ever before imagined. Hollywood should stand and take notice. Kristin Wiig has so much more depth to her talent, and I believe WW84 barely scratches the surface.

The story overall kept my attention and kept me interested to see what would happen next and how Wonder Woman could overcome her challenges to save the day. What I especially liked was how Gal Gadot not only portrayed the strong and powerful Wonder Woman, the superhero we all love, but also the vulnerable, heart-broken Diana. We get to see the more human side of Wonder Woman. Exposing her vulnerabilities makes her even more relatable and loved by us mere mortals.

The introduction of Kristoffer Polaha leaves us with hope that maybe Diana can find love again one day. For those of you wondering where you’ve seen him before, he is one of the “Hunks of Hallmark.”

Lynda Carter’s cameo was awesome! As soon as I saw those eyes, I knew it was her. They could not have chosen a better character for her. What a wonderful way to pay homage to the Wonder Woman of my youth.

I recommend continuing to watch through the credits. You will see a surprise that leaves me wanting a much larger collaboration of these two characters in a new movie. That would be beyond EPIC!

*Photo courtesy of Google Photos*