By Katie Cross

If someone told me that a story about a sword could evoke so many emotions all at once, I would not have believed it. Then again, Viveet is not ordinary sword, and Katie Cross is no ordinary author.

No one knew Derek Black was handfasted and had a young daughter. When Derek traveled to the Southern Network of Alkarra to assist in the recovery of some young girls who had been kidnapped, he med Andrei. Andrei was a sword maker and had a gift for Derek’s daughter. No one was supposed to know about Bianca, but Andrei knew. The sword told Andrei about Bianca. Viveet was forged by Andrei, and Viveet chose Bianca as its other half.

When Bianca was ready, Viveet was presented to her. Bianca felt an instant connection with her new sword, as if Viveet was the piece that had been missing. Wherever Bianca went, Viveet was with her. Losing Viveet, watching her shatter into pieces, was watching Bianca’s heart shatter into pieces.

Jump ahead three years. Viveet has been buried in Letum Wood, and Letum Wood has protected Viveet the way the trees protect Bianca. Unfortunately, no matter how much she searches, Bianca cannot find Andrei. Bianca does not even know if Andrei is still alive. All she knows is that the only hope she has of restoring Viveet depends on her finding Andrei.

The story of Viveet, however, cannot be told without telling a little bit of Andrei’s story. Understanding Andrei and the magic used to create Viveet is crucial to understanding not only Viveet but also Bianca.

When talking about writing her books, Katie Cross speaks as if she is simply an instrument telling someone else’s story – much like a historian or biographer. That is what makes Katie Cross’s books so special. The worlds she creates are very real to her. They are real to her readers. Her characters are living, breathing entities. They are part of her, and they become part of her readers. Anyone who does not believe in magic need only travel to Alkarra to know there truly is magic in this world. In fact, Katie Cross may possess the strongest magic of all. No other fantasy author (and I have read many fantasy novels and traveled to many magical worlds) can cast a spell that entrances the minds of readers with a magic that leaves the readers hungry for more. Katie Cross weaves a powerful web with her magic, and her readers gladly jump into that web longing to return to Alkarra and Bianca and Viveet. Katie Cross proves that magic lies at our fingertips. We just need to pick up a book.

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