Triumphant Love

True Love Series, Book 3

Juliette Duncan chose the perfect way to end the True Love Series.

Triumphant Love is a story about forgiveness and new beginnings. This book has a little bit of everything – from deceit to teenage pregnancy to drug addiction. Jayden goes through so much in such a short amount of time, and he is faced with very difficult decisions. Through it all, the people who love him the most never lose faith that God will work on Jayden’s heart.

When Jayden finally decides he wants to know more about God, he approaches it from a very academic point of view. He doesn’t want to just accept what he is being told at church and Bible study. He wants solid, scientific proof. Jayden does his own research while becoming more involved with the youth at the church he attends with Angie, his girlfriend, and her family. Although Angie and her family are devout Christians and very involved in their church, they never pressure Jayden. They talk when he wants to talk and never cease praying for him.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, Ben and Tessa do their best to move on with their lives without Jayden. Their hearts ache to have him home, but they always turn to prayer and never lose faith in God. He has His own plays for Jayden.

This book really pulled at my heartstrings. The one constant that has been the strongest throughout this entire series was Tessa’s faith in God. When I wasn’t reading, I often found myself thinking about Tessa and all the times that may have turned out differently had I been more like her. I cannot change things in my past, but I can try to be more like Tessa in the future.