Tormented Love

True Love Series, Book 3

Ben, Tessa, and Jayden’s journeys continue in Tormented Love.

Juliette Duncan touches on so many issues in this book that it is difficult to review the story without telling the story. The way she presents the issues of mental health, peer pressure, and abusive relationships helps the reader get an understanding of not only the person dealing with the particular issue but also how it affects those around him/her.

This is also a story about love – in good times and bad times. Tormented Love is about forgiveness and appreciation. However, the most important part of Tormented Love is faith. As Ben and Tessa cling to their faith, Jayden still does not truly believe. Jayden is faced with challenges he never expected. He wants to fit in, and peer pressure is difficult to ignore. Jayden may not be fully ready to believe in God, but he cannot ignore the voice in his head reminding him of all the lessons he learned in Sunday School. He knows Ben and Tessa believe in God, no matter what challenges they face. Maybe God is trying to reach him, too.

This is a beautiful love story and a coming-of-age story. People say God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes God allows us to lose some things so we can truly see how blessed we are.