Those Who Lie

by Diane Jeffrey

Those Who Lie is a shocking thrill ride from beginning to end. Diane Jeffrey takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotions from “that is so sad” to “what in the world is going on here?”

Emily Klein wakes up in the hospital to police investigators. She knows there has been a horrible accident, but she does not remember anything about the crash. She does remember that she was driving, and her husband was in the car. Emily is confused because none of her family is there to be with her. Her husband is not there. She does not see her mother or sister or brother. She soon learns they are all at her husband’s funeral. Emily is devastated when she learns that she killed her husband in the crash.

Or did she? Messages start arriving from her husband. Everywhere she goes, she sees him, but he will not talk to her. Emily cannot understand why her husband keeps running or why he will not come home.

While her past continues to haunt her, Emily must face her demons and unravel the web of betrayal to move forward.

Diane Jeffrey delivers a psychological thriller with one plot twist after another. Jeffrey even ends the book with one final twist that leaves the reader reeling. Some issues remain unresolved even in the end, which makes me hope that there will be a sequel to Those Who Lie.

Those Who Lie will be released December 6, 2021, and I highly recommend it. This would be a great stocking stuffer for someone who enjoys mysteries and/or psychological thrillers. Be prepared to stay up way too late reading and have your mind blown.