The Silent Friend

Diane Jeffrey

The Silent Friend is difficult to describe, honestly. It is as if Jeffrey took headlines and created a story around them. One thing The Silent Friend does is make the reader think.

I had to reread the first few chapters before I could continue. The timeline was a bit confusing in the beginning. However, once I understood the timeline of what was happening and the way the author was presenting it, I could not put down the book.

Laura and Sandrine are two women from two different countries. They have no reason to cross paths and nothing in common. Nonetheless, they do cross paths when they are both affected by a tragedy, but in very different ways. Laura and Sandrine become acquainted through a website created specifically for victims of that fateful night.

The plot twist surprised me so much that I had to literally put down the book and take a walk to wrap my mind around what I had just read.

Diane Jeffrey does a splendid job of presenting this tragedy from two very different frames of reference. The question arises as to whether withholding information is a lie. A lie of omission may still be considered a betrayal. When that betrayal is revealed, can it be forgiven.

The Silent Friend is not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. Anyone, man or woman, could find themselves in Laura’s or Sandrine’s shoes. Diane Jeffrey leaves the reader wondering how she or he might act under the same circumstances.