The Queen of Vampire Hearts

Fated Loves Book 1

Vampires. Witches. Werewolves. Throw in a little bit of New Orleans voodoo, and you have the recipe for a best seller. Jeanette Rose’s first installment of her Fated Loves Series will not only get you hot and bothered, but you will likely stay up way too late reading and want to skip work to find out what happens next.

Lucien is the vampire king who lives in a dark, cold, uninviting castle in Romania. Phoebe is a witch on the run in New Orleans. A chance meeting (or was it?) at an orgy in the Fae Realm leaves each of them surprised at the way they respond to each other. When they are interrupted for what Lucien is told is an urgent matter, he asks Phoebe to wait for him. When he returns and discovers she is no longer there, he is determined to find her again. The problem is that he does not even know her name.

Convinced she is his mate, Lucien will stop at nothing to get Phoebe back – even kidnapping. Will the extreme measures Lucien takes and his devotion and worship of her endear him to Phoebe or make her feel trapped and angry? Can Lucien ever break down the walls that have protected Phoebe’s heart for so long? Neither can deny the chemistry between them. But Phoebe has been betrayed by a vampire once, and she will not let it happen again.

However, Lucien does not really know who Phoebe is. He does not know her story, and she does not trust him enough to tell him – no matter how safe he makes her feel. When Lucien learns Phoebe’s true identity and that she is being hunted by the Witches Council, forces beyond their control threaten to tear them apart forever.

The Queen of Vampire Hearts is a tantalizing introduction to the Fated Loves Series. The author’s father described the books as “Twilight meets 50 Shades of Grey.” I can see where someone would make that analogy. However, having read both the Twilight Series and 50 Shades of Grey Series, I would choose The Queen of Vampire Hearts over them any day. Rose’s story telling will have the reader believing the legends we all have heard for so many years. Jeanette Rose sets herself apart from the many other writers of adult fantasy. She is an author whose books adult fantasy fans want on their shelves. I can hardly wait for Book 2.