The Natchez Grand Hotel

Where shall I begin. When we first saw the hotel we were amazed. The building is gorgeous and overlooks the Mississippi River. It was breathtaking. The young lady working the front desk when we checked in was very polite and welcoming. Unfortunately, the hospitality at Grand Natchez Hotel stopped there. The room itself was okay. We had a double queen, and no one who books a double queen can have a river view. Our room had what they referred to as “historic view.” Seriously? Yes, Natchez is old, and yes, we did see old buildings. However, it isn’t as if we were looking over monuments or any amazing historical buildings. “Historic view” should really be considered the “view of old buildings with no real significance.” But I digress…

Things really came to a head the morning we were to check out. As with Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge, Grand Natchez Hotel boasts a free breakfast with your room. As people reading this may or may not know, I have a traumatic brain injury. I have a service dog that makes it possible for me to take trips such as this one with my mother. When I walked into the breakfast room to get breakfast, I was greeted with, “You can’t have your dog in here.” Let me paint a bit of a picture for you. Bree, my service dog, is a miniature dachshund. She weighs about ten pounds. She wears a bright pink harness with “SERVICE DOG” on both sides and a matching bright pink leash with “SERVICE DOG” up and down the leash. Forgive me if I take this a bit personally. My dog is protected by the ADA. She is allowed to go with me everywhere I go. She is not an emotional support animal. She is a service animal. Anyone working in the hospitality industry – regardless of the position – should be trained in dealing with people who have disabilities. My disability is not visible. It is a brain injury. When I tried to explain to the lady that Bree is a service animal she shrugged her shoulders and looked at me in a less-than-pleasant way. She was rude to me the entire time she was fixing my plate. By the time I got to the table to have breakfast with my mother, I was so upset that I couldn’t eat. I had to excuse myself to go back to the room. (When Mom got to the room shortly after me and Bree, she said the breakfast was awful anyway.) I held Bree close and cried the whole way to the elevator, in the elevator, to my room, and once I was in the room. I called my caregiver, who did not come on the trip with us, and told her what had happened. She was able to get me calmed back own before Mom got back to the room. Once she knew we were checked out of the hotel, she called and spoke to the manager. All I can say is that I am glad I was not the one on the other end of that call from her. I didn’t tell my mom what happened because I did not want to upset her. She would have gotten extremely upset and let the people at the hotel know – everyone at the hotel, guests included.

While I was loading the car, my mother finished checking us out of the hotel. The young lady who had helped us Tuesday night was not there. Instead there was a man there who was not very pleasant. Mom said he was quite rude and acted like he didn’t want to be there. NEWSFLASH – If you do not want to deal with people, GET OUT OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY!!!!