The Lodge

The Bluffs at Thompson Creek

St. Francesville, Louisiana

Southern charm and hospitality await you just off Louisiana 10 between Jackson and St. Francesville. We thought we had taken a wrong turn at first. The road leading to The Lodge was terrible. It was a pretty drive, mostly, but someone really should do something about the road itself, but I digress…

We soon saw the sign pointing us in the direction of The Bluffs. Another canopy of trees led us to nice homes that welcomed us to The Bluffs at Thompson Creek. The setting was beautiful.

We could not help but admire the beautiful homes and manicured lawns. They were stunning. Little did we know they were only the introduction to the breathtaking beauty of The Lodge.

Brick columns accent the veranda that stretches the full length of The Lodge. An upstairs balcony with white railing is just as long. There are ceiling fans and rocking chairs outside each suite encouraging visitors to sit and visit with others around them. The veranda and balcony look over the golf course.

When we entered the suite, we immediately felt at home. They thought of everything, it seemed. The furnishings were high-quality, warm, and inviting. In fact, we both are considering purchasing a sofa like the one we had in our suite.

From the living room area, visitors walk through a small hallway. A kitchenette is on one side. It contains a small refrigerator, microwave, and sing, as well as glasses, some flatware, plates, and bowls. A few snacks are on the counter, and a few bottles of water were already cold in the refrigerator.

I cannot forget the most important part of the kitchen – the coffee pot. Yes, the room has an actual coffee pot with actual coffee cups. There are no paper cups wrapped in plastic to be thrown out once used. In addition, Community Coffee is provided. This is Louisiana, after all. We brought our own honey and creamer, as we always do. The coffee was the best we ever had at a hotel. It was delicious!!

Across the hall from the kitchen was the bathroom. The shower had beautifully laid, large vertical tiles that gave the bathroom a rustic, yet modern, feel. The fixtures were brushed brass. The counter had plenty of room foro makeup or any other toiletries one might bring for a weekend away. The bathroom was very spacious, not a typical hotel bathroom in which one’s knees hit the wall while sitting on the toilet. A special washcloth was even provided for removing makeup. What a brilliant idea! Makeup does tend to stain white linens, so the darker washcloth was just brilliant!

The hallway finally leads to the bedroom. We had a king suite, so the bedroom contained a large king-size bed with white linens. In the closet were freshly cleaned linens for the sofa sleeper. The room also contained a chair and plenty of walking room. Neither bedside lamp was plugged in, so they were of no use. Fortunately, the small lamp on the dresser provided ample lighting. The bedroom also had a rather large television hanging on the wall. This was a bit puzzling to me because the television in the living room area was quite small. That was backwards to me, but it might make perfect sense to the people who own The Lodge.

I cannot write a review of The Lodge without mentioning the people who work there. They were the epitome of southern hospitality. The chick-in and check-out process were extremely easy. The ladies even provided their personal cell phone numbers in case we needed anything after the office was closed.

The Lodge is the perfect place for a quiet getaway with friends or family. I would even feel safe there if I was traveling alone. We will be making more trips to the area and will be making The Lodge our home away from home.