The High Priestess

The Historical Collection, Book 1

“She was quiet, lovely grace.” But she’s a lavanda maid. What difference can she make?

The Eastern Network is in turmoil. Workers have no rights, no education. High Priest Hodei’s reign is leaving a legacy of cruelty. The workers need a savior. They need La Principessa – Giver of Hope. How can a lavanda maid be what the workers need?

Vittoria’s story is a story of struggle and perseverance. She faces unimaginable tests of her courage and her own beliefs. Everything Vittoria does is for her family and the other workers. But how far is she willing to go?

Mateo is Hodei’s oldest son and the rightful heir to the throne. However, Romeo, the son who actually grew up in Magnolia Castle with The High Priest, is willing to fight Mateo to the death in order to become the next High Priest when Hodei dies. The years with Hodei have made Romeo just as evil as his father – maybe even more. Mateo knows he will have to kill his brother in order to save his own life and the Network. But can he kill his own brother? What does a simple lavanda maid have to do with this battle for the thrown and control of the Network?

The High Priestess is a story about survival. It is a story about love and deceit. Above all else, Vittoria’s story is about family and love and compassion and faith. Katie Cross has given us a book that encompasses the full spectrum of emotions. There are surprises in every chapter. This is just Book 1 of The Historical Collection. I can hardly wait to see where Katie Cross takes Vittoria next.