The Francis

We were in the car for over three hours. Needless to say, we were hungry, and Bree was ready to get out of the car (although we stopped twice to let her walk around). We found a cute little cafe in Jackson, Louisiana, but it was closed. Then we found another cute cafe in St. Francisville – closed. We decided to just forget about it for now. We were tired and wanted to get to the hotel and rest for a few minutes before we ventured out and tried to find a place to eat.

We asked the lady at the hotel’s front desk about eating establishments that might be open in St. Franisville We saw a McDonald’s and Sonic, but we really did not want fast food. We were referred to The Francis on Highway 61. We saw the large building and wondered what it was when we passed our hotel entrance. So, off we went…

When we first walked up to The Francis, we noticed the courtyard. There is a large deck surrounding a very large oak that provides the deck with much-appreciated shade. This is June in Louisiana, so fans were also outside to keep patrons cool. We opted to be seated inside. After all, anyone who lives in the southern portion of Louisiana knows the humidity is extremely high. (We were sweating by the time we got from the car to the door.) We were seated rather quickly. The hostess did hesitate and go to the back for a moment. I think it was because my service dog was with me ,and generally, dogs are not allowed in restaurants – understandably. Nonetheless., she was very kind and seated us as soon as she returned.

We were just looking at the menu when our server arrived to ask us what we would like to drink. Our server was polite and very quickly answered any questions that we had about specials and/or drinks (no frozen mudslide, but they do have margaritas).

We ordered the artichoke dip with shrimp and andouille. That is the first time I have ever had artichoke dip with shrimp or andouille. It was very good. My only suggestion would be to chop the artichoke so that the person eating it does not have to cut it up first. I used the chips to push the dip onto my fork to eat it. There was a little bit of spice, but not very much. I highly recommend it.

For our entrees we ordered a fried oyster po-boy and a grilled ribeye salad. The po-boy had more than enough oysters. The were seasoned well, and the order was exactly the way we asked. The fries served with the po-boy were quite unusual. They were like spiral cut steak fries. The grilled ribeye salad was also good. It was a large salad, but I still managed to finish. I probably will not eat again until tomorrow, but that’s okay. The salad was a healthier option than ordering a fried dish, and it was worth every bite. The ribeye pieces could be cut with a butter knife. The salad came with cucumber, tomato slices, purple onion (not very much), and pepper jack cheese, all served over lettuce. The honey mustard dressing was the perfect amount for the size of salad that I received.

We will be in St. Francisville, Louisiana for two nights. There is no doubt that we will return to The Francis. If you find yourself driving on Highway 61 and pass through St. Francisville, make sure you stop at The Francis to eat. You will find it to be quite the culinary delight.

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Grilled Ribeye Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
Oyster Po-Boy