The Five Year Plan

by Jodi Gibson

If Hallmark dos does not make this book into a movie, they really should take another look at the people who make decisions for them. I am quite the Hallmark fan, and I rarely ever think a book is “Hallmark worthy.” Jodi Gibson’s The Five Year Plan is one of those rare gems.

When I first started reading The Five Year Plan, I thought this was going to be predictable and boring. I was not sure I would even finish the book. It started a little slow, and I felt like there may not be much entertainment value, which I desperately needed. I could not have been more wrong!!

When Demi’s world comes crashing down around her, she does not just step out of her comfort zone to figure out what she should do next. She literally flies away from everyone and everything she has ever known. Demi leaves Australia to travel to Italy to stay with family she has never met in order to learn about her family and real Italian traditions and food.

A shattered dream, a betrayal, an unexpected encounter, a family rivalry, and a family secret that is accidentally uncovered all play a part in Demi’s (and the reader’s) whirlwind of emotions. The only real stability seems to be her best friend Anna, who Demi never imagined would turn out to be the true voice of reason when her world is in turmoil. Demi has always been the one who had everything planned out and in order. Anna, on the other hand, is much more impetuous. However, following Anna’s advice, even when her parents are against it, turns out to be the best decision Demi could make for herself.

Life got in the way of my reading The Five Year Plan. When not reading, I often found myself dreaming about the food and beautiful views only seen in Italy. Jodi Gibson gives us a fun, entertaining read that is a wonderful escape from the stress life throws our way. The only thing that would have made this book better would be adding the recipes for all the delicious dishes Jodi Gibson describes throughout the book.

Hallmark seriously needs to snatch this one up before someone else does.