The Family You Make

The Sunrise Cove Series Book 1

The Family You Make is about exactly that. Jill Shalvis reminds us that blood does not make a family. Love makes a family, and love can come in many forms.

Jane has never really had a cohesive family unit. Her parents were absent from her life. When her grandmother died, Jane was still very young. Her aunt took her so that she would not be any trouble for her grandfather. Her grandfather’s grief kept him from fighting for her. As a result, Jane never felt truly loved or wanted. She spent her entire life building and securing walls around her heart, careful to never get too close to anyone.

Levi grew up surrounded by a loving family and life-long friends. His family owns a sporting goods store near Lake Tahoe, and Levi grew up exploring the great outdoors with his family. However, he never really felt as though he fit into the life the rest of his family wanted. Rather than skiing, Levi enjoys data. He loves using data to solve problems. His parents and sister cannot understand how Levi is so different from them. They have no idea just how much Levi’s problem-solving skills will be needed to save the family from an unforeseen betrayal.

The mountain is being cleared just as Levi reaches the top. A nurse leaving the clinic on the mountain walks onto his gondola. Suddenly, their gondola has stopped. Leaving them to the mercy of the blizzard. Trapped at 750 feet and thrown around by the storm, Levi tries his best to bring calm to the girl who shares his gondola.

When this stranger throws himself in front of a piece of the gondola that breaks off, Jane immediately goes into medical mode. Her nurse training turns her focus from surviving the storm to keeping this stranger alive – a stranger who put himself in harm’s way to protect her, a girl he does not even know.

Neither wants to admit what they both know. There is no way for them to survive the storm. Levi’s injuries will not matter. The gondola in front of them has already fallen, and they know it is only a matter of time before they plunge to their deaths in this fierce storm. Levi’s last thoughts are of his family, and he asks this stranger to please help him call his family to say goodbye.

The Family You Make is about coming together in the aftermath of tragedy. It is about accepting help when it is offered and creating your family despite what DNA says. Blood does not make people family. Bands can be created in between people who come from completely different backgrounds and walks of life. The trick is to all the walls to be broken down and trust what you have never really experienced or believed you would know.