Thank Your Lucky Stars

Written in the Stars #3

Kudos to Alexandria Bellefleur for a witty, fun, entertaining tale. Thank Your Lucky Stars takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions. There are moments of anxiety paired with laugh-out-loud moments. The characters are relatable and show the same insecurities everyone has, but some may be too afraid to show them.

Olivia and Margot were inseparable in high school. If one was around, the other was close. They did everything together. They even made plans to go to college together. Then Olivia announced she was going to a different university – the same university her on-again-off-again boyfriend was attending.  This came after an unforgettable week Margot and Olivia shared while Olivia’s then ex-boyfriend was in Cancun for spring break, When Olivia tells Margot that Brad wants to get back together, Margot tells Olivia that she should get back together with Brad, and that what happened during Spring Break stayed at Spring Break. Margot would never tell anyone their secrets and what happened between them.

After eleven years of burying her feelings for Olivia and believing she was fine, the flood gates open when her best friend’s wedding planner walks in – Olivia. So much rides on the success of this wedding. Olivia’s career is depending on everything going on without a hitch. Now this wedding and everything that leads up to it could be the beginning of something new for Margot and Olivia, or it could bring a finality to a relationship that never got closure.

To make the situation even more awkward, Olivia’s apartment floods, and Margot just so happens to have a spare room and needs a roommate. Both Olivia and Margot are dealing with old wounds and the heartache they still feel. Each still wondering what that Spring Break eleven years ago meant to the other. Will each continue to bottle up her feelings for the other’s sake? Or can they open up and finally share their feelings with each other.

I very much enjoyed Thank Your Lucky Stars. The story is fun. It is sexy. The characters are relatable. Regardless of the nature of one’s relationships. We have all made decisions based on what we thought was better for the other person, only to discover after it is too late that you made the wrong decision. We have all had embarrassing moments in our relationships, especially at the beginning when everything is still new. Some of the situations in which Margot and Olivia find themselves had me laughing until I was almost in tears. Bellefleur creates fun and unexpected turns in the story that make the reader worry about how things will ever work out and turn around and laugh at the small comment that seems to come out of the blue. The behind-the-scenes with each character shares so much about her thoughts and endears her to the reader because the reader, at one time or another, has had the same exact thoughts and worries.

This is my first book by Alexandria Bellefleur, but I am sure this will not be my last.  I will definitely be going back to read Written in the Stars and Hang the Moon.