Tested Love

True Love Series Book 2

“With God’s help, we’ll get through it.” No truer words have been spoken.

Tested Love finds Ben and Tessa married and, along with Jayden, settling into a new home. Adjusting to being a wife and an instant mother to a teenager is a challenge for anyone. Tessa and Ben find themselves disagreeing quite often when it comes to Jayden. At times Tessa wonders if she really can handle everything or if she is in over her head.

Suddenly, Tessa is faced with two tragedies in the same week. She does not know why these things happened, but she turns to God for help to get through it. She knows that He is the only one who can heal her heart.

Meanwhile, Jayden seems to be drifting farther and farther away from Ben and Tessa. Jayden was devastated when his mother left him to live a life of wealth and fame. Tessa knows he felt rejected and the hurt was beyond what Tessa could imagine. She does everything she can to try to help them bond as a family, even planning trips for the three of them and Jayden’s best friend Neil. Unfortunately, Jayden pushes away from everyone, even Neil.

Throughout all the heartache and pain Ben and Tessa face in Tested Love, they always turn to God. This book is a gentle reminder that God is always in control. Even when things seem hopeless, as at the end of Tested Love, God can see us through all life’s struggles.