Tender Love

Book #1 of the True Love Series

This is such a wonderful book! What’s even better is the book is appropriate for all ages.

Tender Love is the first book in the True Love Series by Juliette Duncan. This is a Christian romance, and faith plays a large role in not only the lives of Ben and Tessa but also most of the other primary characters in the book.

This is the beginning of Ben and Tessa’s love story. Both have been hurt. Ben is a single father of a teenage son who is struggling to cope. It is through prayer and their faith in God that they find the strength to take a chance on love.

My heart overflowed with this book. At times I cried for the pain Ben and his son Jayden were experiencing. There were tears of joy and sadness. It was a nice change to see two characters rely so much on their faith and to turn to their pastors and God for guidance.

This book did truly touch my heart and left me feeling very positive and uplifted. I can hardly wait to see where Ben and Tessa’s journey goes next.