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The Forgotten Gods

Network Saga Book 3 Bianca Book 7 Sometimes a person reads a book and is left so speechless that writing a review seems like an impossible task. Then the reader remembers that if not for the readers loving the author’s books, the author might stop writing. No one wants that to happen. We need the […]


by Katie Cross According to askanydifference.com, “the main difference between Novel and Novella is that a novel is a fictional story that is longer and has more word count, whereas, a novella is a fictional piece of writing that is longer than a short story and shorter than a novel, and also less complex as […]


Novella #6 of the Network Saga Beware of bitter goddesses!!!! Prana is not like the many other trips taken to Alkarra. During those visits readers faced conflict, heartache, resolution, etc. Prana is different from anything Katie Cross has written. To say Prana, goddess of the sea, is bitter or holds a grudge would be an […]

The Lost Magic

The Network Saga Book 1 “Magic or no, you have reason to fear me.” Katie cross has become the queen of the strong female protagonist. Yes, other authors write books with strong female leads. However, Katie Cross takes it to a new level with strong female characters of all ages – from young girls to […]