Southern Bound Book Shop

 I love sister days. I never know where they might take me. During a recent sisters’ day out, my sister introduced me to my new favorite book shop on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Southern Bound Book Shop is currently located on Howard Avenue in Biloxi and shares a building with Jacked Up Coffee Shop. The two shops even have a connecting door for patrons to experience Southern Bound while they wait for their coffee.

My first thoughts upon entering Southern Bound were along the lines of, “Wow! There are a lot of books in a small space.” I was not aware at the time that the shop kept going beyond the front room. I must admit, however, that the shop felt comfortable to me, as I am surrounded by books at home. I saw a few new books, but most of the books were “pre-loved.” Referring to used books as “pre-loved” is absolutely genius! I could not keep a smile from crossing my face when I saw that. These are not discarded old books. Southern Bound specializes in books that are loved so much that people want to share them so others can fall in love with these books and characters and authors.

Southern Bound Book Shop also offers blind dates with books. There is no way to judge one of these books by its cover. They are neatly wrapped in plain brown paper. A quote is written on the outside of each book, and the wrapping is finished off with string and a tag that only states the genre and price. I could not leave without one of these blind dates for myself.

Bags of books can also be found tied shut. I bought twenty-two books for $10. The bags I looked at were all romance, so I just grabbed a random bag to see what mystery books awaited me inside. I noticed the bags as I was waiting to pay for the books I had already chosen. Other genres may be available in these mystery bags, but I cannot say for sure.

What I can say for sure is that Southern Bound Book Shop has something for everyone. Southern Bound has so much to offer that I could have spent an entire weekend browsing through titles and discovering new (to me) authors. Some series books are sold as bundles at great prices as well. I even saw books for beginning readers and younger children – something for everyone.

Another feature offered at this delightful venue is book trading. Readers can bring in pre-loved books of their own and trade them for credit toward future purchases. I can see myself doing this in the future. I have so many books, which I love, but I unfortunately am unable to keep every book I love. I would need to build a whole new house just for books. 😊

Southern Bound also offers a punch/rewards card for frequent buyers. Although the shop will be moving to D’Iberville soon, it will be worth the drive to discover more pre-loved books. So, if you find yourself on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and you need something to read – or even if you do not – stop at Southern Bound Book Shop. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Visit their website here.