Shy Girl

Coffee Shop Girl Book 5

In Fate of Storms, Blood of Zeus Book 3 by Meredith Wild and Angel Payne, Maximus Kane travels through the gates of Hell to fight Hades himself. Maximus shows great courage and strength throughout the book to rescue the love of his life. That is nothing compared to the courage and Strength Dagny Taylor must summon to face the man who has occupied her mind since she was a little girl. When given the opportunity to confront the father she has never met, Dagny shows strength and courage that makes Maximus seem weak.

Shy Girl is another example of Katie Cross’s ability to create characters who are not only endearing but also relatable. Although the latest installment of the Coffee Shop Girl series is a love story, the romance takes a back seat to the story of courage and overcoming obstacles to discover truth – no matter how much it may hurt.

Everyone has hurdles to cross. These hurdles seem like mountains to Dagny, who was born with a speech impediment. Her mother will not help fill the gaps where Dagny’s father is concerned. Accidentally discovering her father’s identity sends Dagny’s life on a whole new trajectory. She becomes obsessed with saving money to travel to Texas to meet her father – one of the wealthiest men in Texas.

While working at the Frolicking Moose Coffee Shop, Dagny watches Jayson Hernandez bring a different girl in for coffee every Friday night. He always arrives at the same time, sits at the same table, and orders the same drink, but with a different girl. Dagny and her friend Serafina cannot figure out if Jayson is a serial dater or just extremely picky. They also cannot understand why he will not as Dagny out. He is completely oblivious to the fact that Dagny has been in love with him since he was a senior and she was a freshman in high school.

Attending a destination wedding on a private island in the Caribbean with Jayson puts Dagny on a collision course for heartache. The only reason Jayson asked Dagny to go was so he would not be there alone when his ex-girlfriend showed up with someone else. The only reason she accepted was because Jayson’s best friend is marrying her half-sister, the sister who knows nothing about her.

Dagny goes as Jayson’s friend, not a fake girlfriend…until she meets Victoria. If ever a fictional character needed to be throat punched, it was Victoria. Will Jayson finally see what has been under his nose all these years, or will the man of Dagny’s dreams leave her with a broken heart? And what will happen when Jayson discovers the truth about why Dagny agreed to attend the wedding with him?

Shy Girl portrays someone with a speech impediment perfectly. When working with students who had a stutter, I found that the more anxious they became, the worse their stutter became. I also witnessed the cruelty of people like Victoria toward others who are different than they are. Singing will often help people communicate without a stutter. Mel Tillis was a perfect example of this, and Dagny Taylor discovers this as well. Katie Cross goes above and beyond to ensure that what she writes, although fictional, is true to the image she wants to portray. The reader can sympathize with the characters and their struggles and becomes invested in these characters.

I literally cried at the end of this book (not the first time Katie Cross has made me cry). When a book makes me cry, that means that it was good. It was not just good, it was great. I felt like I knew Dagny and Jayson and their friends. Quite honestly, I am ready to move to Pineville and enjoy the mountain life. (I currently live in a beach town.)