Second Nature

By Amber Boudreau

SECOND NATURE was a fun read that kept me guessing all the way to the end. Just when I thought I was certain of the story line, Boudreau threw another twist into the mix. The characters are all quite complex,. The author creates a world in which werewolves are quite the norm.

Werewolves, on the verge of being exposed, decide to make themselves known on their own terms. SECOND NATURE is the aftermath of that revelation. As in real life, people fear what they do not understand. Neighbors begin to suspect neighbors. Meetings are held to determine how the community should handle the werewolves and what rights the werewolves should and should not have. The pack leader, or aldwulf, Gloin has disappeared. Mel, one of his most trusted associates, has also disappeared. It has been a year, and the sons of the aldwulf have completely different views of what the werewolves need. On one thing they do agree, someone needs to take over to lead the pack. However, there can only be one leader. For one brother to lead, the other must die.

Six months after waking up in a mental hospital unable to remember anything about who she is and unable to walk, Mavis has finally come to terms with not knowing her past. She can now walk, has her own apartment, and was able to find a job that she enjoys. She has a very small group of people she trusts. However, as Mavis learns more about the people in her life, her trust is tested. What she does know is that someone wants her dead. She just does not know why, and she cannot remember anything before the hospital no matter how hard she tries. When she shows up naked and dirty at her neighbor’s door, she still has almost as many questions as he does. The one thing she needs to know is how her waking up at the hospital is connected to Mel’s disappearance, and what any of it has to do with Gloin’s disappearance.

SECOND NATURE is not a difficult read once the reader understands the “natures” of the characters. Boudreau left the book open ended, which makes me wonder when we will see Mavis again. She is a strong protagonist, much stronger than even she realizes. It will be nice to see where she takes this new-found life.