Salsa’s Mexican Grill

We met my niece and her daughter and husband at Salsa’s for dinner. The atmosphere was family-friendly. Our server had just started working there and was unable to answer some of our questions, but otherwise, the service was good. Mom and I started our meal with frozen strawberry margaritas, and let me just say, I thought they were delicious! It was two-for-one happy hour, so I ordered one, and Mom got the second one. We were happy with that.

The food: The food was interesting. It had great flavor – much better than Chili’s. However, I have never gotten steak and shrimp fajita that had the shrimp, peppers, and onions on top of a T-bone with the bone still in it. Usually the meat is cut up. This made cutting the steak a bit of a challenge, as it was difficult to determine exactly what I was cutting into because it was all covered. I did get a mouth full of gristle, but the rest of the platter was good.

Dessert: Let’s be honest. Fried ice cream takes skill. I’ve been to Mexican restaurants and had ice cream a number of ways. No matter how it was prepared, it was still fried ice cream,. I love fried ice cream. In all fairness, I just love ice cream. We all ordered fried ice cream for dessert. There was nothing fried about this ice cream. It was nothing more than a scoop of ice cream serviced with whipped cream on top and a bit of chocolate syrup. That’s it. There was no coating of any kind like every other order of fried ice cream I have ever had – just ice cream, cool whip, and a bit of chocolate syrup. Don’t misunderstand me. The ice cream was quite the culinary delight. However, it was not fried as indicated on the menu. Nonetheless, if I ever go back, I am sure that I will order the fried (not fried) ice cream.

The overall dinner was fabulous. We were never rushed or felt like we were being pressured to make decisions or hurry up in any way. Bree was created without question. (Amazing how nice people are when they know about service animals.) I asked for a booth, and we were seated at a booth. There were larger tables that would have probably been easier to serve, but the hostess didn’t hesitate to give us a booth when it was requested. The food, atmosphere, and service were all good. However, the best part of all was the company. Family is irreplaceable, and this week has been filled with family, which can make any meal perfect. We don’t get together enough as families, and it is time we go back to the large family gatherings where people love each other regardless of opinions, and everyone is happy to see everyone. That is what family is about.