Rise of the Demigods

Network Saga, Book 2

Katie Cross has created a world that flies high above the realm of ordinary imagination. That is because there is nothing ordinary about Katie Cross or the magical world of Alkarra.

Anyone who has followed Bianca Monroe’s journey since MISS MABEL’S SCHOOL for GIRLS knows that Bianca is an extraordinarily talented witch. We all felt the heartache along when Bianca watched her mother killed. Then we were there when she lost Isadora, a watcher witch Bianca admired and respected, a witch who had waited years for Bianca’s arrival at Miss Mabel’s. Amid all this loss and grief, Bianca discovered a strength she never realized she had. A strength she will need to call upon now more than ever.

Alkarra is changing. Before the demigod Bram was sent back to the land of the gods to be punished for his crimes, he announced that he was not the only demigod in Alkarra. In fact, he let everyone know that demigods were everywhere in Alkarra. Derek Black and the other high priests and priestesses find themselves fighting an invisible enemy. This enemy is not only invisible but also seems to have magic more powerful than any witch has ever seen. How will they defend themselves against power they cannot see and do not understand.

The second installment of Katie Cross’s NETWORK SAGA exceeds expectations. Katie Cross fans knew the book would be good. No one knew it would be THIS good.

If you are new to Katie Cross Fantasy and Alkarra, go back to FLAME, DRAGONMASTER TRILOGY BOOK 1. Get to know Isadora and Sanna, sister witches who were raised without magic. Follow their evolution into two of the most powerful witches in all Alkarra. Once you finish the DRAGONMASTER TRILOGY, read MILDRED’S RESISTENCE, and then move on to the NETWORK SERIES, which begins with MISS MABEL’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Learn why Isadora has waited years for Bianca Monroe to arrive at Miss Mabel’s and see how Isadora helps Bianca grow into the witch she is today.

A word of warning, however: once you pick up FLAME, you will not want to put it down, and you will be hungry for the next book. Whether you read printed copies, e-books, or listen to audio, you will travel a rollercoaster of emotion unlike any other fantasy series you have ever read. Prepare for long nights of reading and anxiety during the times you must stop reading for mundane things like eating and sleeping. You will want to get back to these books as quickly as you can to see what happens next. Although I have read the books, I am now listening to the audiobooks. Each time I listen, I discover something new about the world of Alkarra and the witches there.