Requited Harvest

by Charlsie Russell

SCANDELOUS!! Any time anyone asks me what I think of Requited Harvest, scandalous is the first word that comes to mind.

Charlsie Russell wastes no time jumping right into the scandal and betrayal in Requited Harvest. The book is set in the Mississippi during reconstruction. Murder and manipulation are the name of the game in this nonstop, heart-pumping novel. Being familiar with the location in which the story takes place made it even more interesting.

The very first conversation in Requited Harvest gives a glimpse of the lengths to which some people will go in order to maintain power and control. As bad as a sister’s betrayal is, it pales in comparison to what their grandmother will do to control her daughter and granddaughters. Buying someone else’s guilt in her crimes is nothing new for Eva Markiston. She would sell her own children to maintain control of the company she stole.

Requited Harvest could probably fit into several genres. There is intrigue, suspense, betrayal, murder, manipulation, revenge, drug addiction, and a little bit of romance to round off the story. Penny King is a young woman who shows more strength, determination, and perseverance than one should ever have to muster. Desperate to save what is rightfully hers, she makes a rash decision that could change the lives of everyone she knows – and could backfire.

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlsie Russell at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center in Biloxi during the annual Christmas City. Biloxi is featured quite prominently in Requited Harvest. Mrs. Russell had seven books on display for purchase when I began talking to her. I always enjoy discovering new authors, even if they are only new to me. When asked into what genre her books fell, she replied “historical fiction with a little bit of romance.” By the time we parted ways, I had purchased all seven books, and Mrs. Russell took the time to sign each one. I could not believe my good fortune at meeting such a down-to-earth novelist from my own hometown. Many great authors have come from Mississippi, and meeting Charlsie Russell gives me confidence that Mississippi will continue turning out great novelists for a very long time.