Red Top Seafood

What a lifesaver!! We drove around Natchez for an hour looking for somewhere to eat. Our hotel (Natchez Grand) is by the Mississippi River. It’s a beautiful hotel. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many eating options near our hotel. The young lady working the front desk gave us the name of a restaurant that she said was the best catfish in town. We had not really eaten much since breakfast, so we were very excited about diner. We got to the restaurant and a sign out front said they were closed due to equipment malfunction. WHAT?!?! Equipment Malfunction? Seriously? UGH!!!! So, off we went to search for another location. The next place we found near our hotel was so jam packed full of people, there was no way I was going to make it through dinner. So, we set out to find another place to eat. A few wrong turns (once down a one way street) later, we decided to drive back out toward Hwy 61 to see what we could find. By this time, we were so tired, we opted to settle for McDonald’s. (Desperate times call for desperate measures.) Fortunately, we crossed the highway to go to McDonald’s and saw Red Top Seafood. HALLELUJAH!!!!

The moment we walked in, we were greeted with the Southern Hospitality we were raised to expect. The gentlemen also coming into the restaurant held the door for us to go in and were so polite. (Not something you see every day – although it should be the norm.) The ladies at the counter were awesome! They were welcoming and helpful and just happy to see us. We felt like we were walking into a friend’s home to have dinner. It was great!

The food was delicious. The catfish was fried to perfection. The portion sizes were huge!! I had five catfish filets, a huge mound of French fries, and coleslaw. It was much more than I could eat, but I ate to my heart’s content, along with a Barq’s root beer, and I was happy. When we left, we had some great tips from the other gentlemen eating near us. They were the only other patrons inside the restaurant, but the drive through was full when we got there and full when we left. Honestly., I am surprised there weren’t more people because the food was so good. Anyway, if you’re in Natchez and want seafood, check out Red Top Seafood. The prices were reasonable as well – BONUS!