Old Country Store

What a treat this was!! This is no longer a store, but a restaurant. Mom was told that they had the best fried chicken around. When my mom was a little girl, she and her cousins and friends would ride to the Old Country Store quite often. The food was good, and yes, I did eat the fried chicken. When you go to a place known for its fried chicken, you get fried chicken. If you go, do not leave. without a serving of blackberry cobbler. It is served hot with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top – delicious!

The best part of the Old Country Store experience (and it is an experience) was the 83-year-old man who told jokes and stories to anyone who would listen. Mr. Moon will receive his high school diploma in May from Port Gibson High School. He has been trying since 1958 to get his diploma. He joined the Army instead of finishing high school, but he earned his high school equivalency while serving our country. He didn’t get his certificate from the Army until after he was back home. As instructed, he took the certificate from the Army to the high school to get his official diploma. When the principal looked at the certificate, he told Mr. Moon that he couldn’t be awarded the diploma because the commander of his unit had not signed his certificate. Mr. Moon was heartbroken. He gave the certificate back to this mother.

Years later, Mr. Moon asked his mother for the certificate from the Army. She told him that she had given the certificate back to him. He never said anything else about it. When his mother died, she left a trunk full of quilts and different things. One day there was bad weather, and Mr. Moon was unable to work. His wife suggested he go through the cedar chest and see what all was inside. In the midst of all the quilts and blankets and papers, Mr. Moon found the certificate from the Army showing that he earned the credits to receive his high school diploma.

After many calls from one person to another and being passed off time and time again, Mr. Moon finally found a commander who agreed to sign his certificate so that he could receive his high school diploma. Unfortunately, Mr. Moon’s wife passed away January 20, 2021. Although she will not be with him when he receives his diploma, I have no doubt that she will be looking down on him with love and pride.

Congratulations, Mr. Moon, on finally receiving your high school diploma after all these years. I fell so blessed to be able to say I crossed your path and heard your amazing story.

The Old Country Store, Lorman, MS
Mr. Moon