Coffee Shop Girl, Book 2

“I won’t slide off the canyon road. I won’t plunge into the icy river below. I won’t die tonight.”

This is Lizbeth’s mantra as she navigates the snowy canyon road in the middle of a blizzard. “This is fine. Everything is fine. I’m not panicked.” This is what Lizbeth tells herself just before her car slides off the canyon road and through a break in the trees. How would anyone ever see her on the deserted canyon road? She has to find a way out of the car before it plunges to the icy river below. Any movement could cause the car to move forward. Lizbeth has no choice. She must get herself out of the car before she falls hundreds of feet into the icy river with her car, which she is certain will fall any minute.

This is the first tragedy Lizbeth faces in Lovesick. Fortunately for her, JJ Bailey is close by when tragedy strikes. Lizbeth’s story is one that is unlike any other. This is a girl who has been through so much in her life. She has seen so much heartache, and she has seen story-book romance, not only in books but also with her sister Bethany and her husband Maverick. This is the kind of romance Lizbeth has dreamed of her whole life. Almost 1,000 romance novels line the walls of her tiny apartment above the Frolicking Moose. Romance has seen her through so many difficult times. It is the one thing her mother gave her – hope for a life better than the one she chased until the day she died. But is romance real, or is it just made up in books? She is in the perfect setting for a romance novel. Why aren’t all the moments that should be romantic lacking romance?

JJ Bailey has been hurt. He no longer believes in romance. He is determined to stay a bachelor after he had his heart broken. Lizbeth is not part of his plan. When she moves to Adventura to help straighten the mess that is Mark Bailey, JJ becomes more and more intrigued by her. He is determined to make her understand that romance is not real. She is determined to provide scientific evidence that romance is real. They are so far apart on the issue that there seems no way to meet in the middle. The respect they have for each other grows exponentially as they each try to make their points known and understood while, at the same time, trying to understand the other’s point of view. Who is right? Is romance real? Is romance just found in books? Are love and romance the same thing? These are just a few of the questions Lizbeth and JJ try to work out.

Katie Cross has gifted us with yet another story that should not be missed. This is the second installment of the Coffee Shop Girl series. It picks up five years after Coffee Shop Girl ends. Katie tells Lizbeth’s story in such a way that the reader can experience the evolution in not only Lizbeth but also JJ. (Full disclosure: I was crying within the first fifty pages.) I am absolutely in love with these characters. Lovesick is a book that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you are in love now, have been in love, or are still looking for love, you will be able to relate to what these characters experience. If you have siblings, twin or not, you will appreciate the dynamic between JJ and Mark, JJ’s twin brother, as well as the relationships between Lizbeth and her sisters Bethany and Ellie. I cannot say enough about how much I loved Lovesick. In fact, I have read it multiple times already. It is that good.

If you have not yet read Coffee Shop Girl, you may get it and Lovesick here. These books belong on the shelves of every person who loves romance.