Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Pearl, MS

I think that from now on, I will just book my stays at Holiday Inn Express and Suites. The location in Pearl isn’t as nice as the one in Clinton but it is still better than Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge and Grand Natchez. Everyone was so friendly. The room wasn’t very big, but it was big enough. We had two queen beds like in previous nights. The beds were comfortable, and our stay was pleasant.

The one thing I did not like was breakfast. IHG advertises that the breakfast is grab-and-go, like the Clinton location. That was not the case in Pearl. Instead, there is a restaurant called Alumni House that serves breakfast from a menu. It wasn’t clear whether this was free with our stay or if we would have to pay extra for this breakfast. We opted to eat elsewhere rather than go in and probably overpay for breakfast just because type restaurant was in the hotel. It would have been nice to have the grab-and-go breakfast that was supposed to come free with the room.

I can’t talk about the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Pearl without telling you what happened on our way to check out. Every day of our trip I have kept the key FOB for the Durango in my pocket. Well on this particular day, my shorts did not have pockets. As we rode the elevator, I heard the FOB in my hand. Everything was fine. Mom and I were in great moods and ready to head home after a wonderful trip. However, our adventure was not over. As I stepped out of the elevator, the FOB fell out of my hand and down through that tiny little crack between the elevator and the floor. Yes, I dropped the key FOB to my dad’s Durango down the elevator shaft. I cannot even explain how that happened. The FOB had to fall perfectly for it to go down the shaft. Nonetheless, the maintenance man at the hotel was able to get the FOB back to me in about five minutes. It didn’t take him any time to get down there and retrieve the FOB and send us on our way. Just another example of the wonderful service we received from Holiday Inn Express and Suites.