Holiday Inn and Suites

Clinton, MS

So far this has been the best hotel experience we have had on this trip. It was our third hotel in three days, cost less than ether of the other two, and as much nicer. The pleasant greeting from the moment we walked in set the tone for our stay. Everyone with whom we came into contact was so polite and nice and welcoming. That is what people expect when they stay at a hotel. I gave Bree’s certification card to the lady when I checked in even though she didn’t request it. She never questioned Bree’s presence with me. She was happy to see all of us – including Bree.

The room was spacious and comfortable. We had plenty of space to put our luggage and spread out. Bree had room to play fetch for a little while and let out some energy after being stuck in a car for so long. Our room also had a microwave, small refrigerator, and a Keurig coffee pot. I didn’t care for the coffee, but there wasn’t much cream or sugar. That really didn’t matter though. It wasn’t enough to make me change my opinion that this was the best hotel we had stayed in so far.

Breakfast was exactly what we expected. When we checked in Wednesday night, I asked about breakfast. The lady at the desk said that they did have a grab-and-go breakfast. She explained that due to COVID, they were trying to provide something for their guests without putting anyone at any more risk than we all already face. I appreciated this so much. When we got down to get breakfast, it was exactly what we thought – small white bags, each with a piece of fruit and a muffin, individual cereal servings (although they had run out of white milk, but we didn’t care), chocolate milk, and various fruit juices. there was also fresh coffee. It was great. We just grabbed what we wanted and returned to our room to eat before we checked out.

Without a doubt, I will stay at this hotel again if ever staying in Clinton. Everyone who worked there seemed to go out of their way to make sure their guests had everything they needed. Crowne Plaza and especially Grand Natchez Hotel could take lessons from Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Clinton. They would be wise to follow the example of this awesome hotel.