Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Pan

This is a collage of all four sides of my hunted mansion cake pan.

(pan purchased from Zulily)

Haunted Mansion Cake

This is actually the second time I have made this. The first time, I used a regular cake mix, and it only filled half the pan. Even after the cake rose, a large portion of the house was not touched by the batter. Therefore, the mansion had no foundation. It was quite funny, but I do not have a picture of that. This one is actually two boxes of devil’s food cake poured together to make the mansion.

Haunted Mansion in Snow

We decided the cake was too plain, so we added snow (powdered sugar). The “snow” actually brought out some of the details in the cake that can’t really be seen in the other pictures. This is the cake that went to the party. Not only did it look better than the skeletons, it tasted much better, too!