Half Shell Oyster House

Anyone who loves seafood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast knows about the Half Shell Oyster House. Anyone who has been there will tell you it is one of the best seafood restaurants on the entire Gulf Coast. This is my experience:


While we looked at the menu, our server took drink orders. Mom ordered a blackberry pomegranate sangria, which she enjoyed. I ordered the mango sunset martini. It was not only delicious but also pretty (see picture below). I do not usually drink during lunch, but I wanted too try this one, and I am so glad that I did. It has the perfect combination of fruits and liqueur. This is a drink that I am certain I will order again. They also offer a peanut butter cup martini, which our server recommended as a dessert. Unfortunately, I was too full to try it, but I will get it next time.

We started our meal with fried green tomatoes. I have never really been a big fan of eating tomatoes by themselves. They belong on a sandwich or in a salad. Half Shell Oyster House has changed my opinion about that. The fried green tomatoes are phenomenal! I cannot express enough how delicious these are. They are served with a crab cake, which is equally delicious. If I can figure out how in the world they make these tomatoes taste so good, I will be making them more often myself.

The first entrée was fried oysters, which my mom ordered. She loved them! Fried oysters have to be done just right or they will turn you away from them forever. Well, Half Shell does them right. With her oysters, she had a house salad. Everything in the salad was fresh, from the lettuce to the croutons and dressing. She kept bragging about how fresh everything tasted throughout the entire meal.

Crab claws (actually an appetizer) and fried okra made up my meal. I love crab claws, but I have had them when they were not very good. Today was not one of those days. The crab claws are some of the best I have ever eaten. The okra had a nice crisp coating and was soft on the inside. It was cooked perfectly! I could not have asked for anything better.

If you find yourself on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, make sure you stop at the Half Shell Oyster House. You will not be disappointed. The food is a culinary delight you will not soon forget. The service is fantastic. If we needed anything, it was right there. My only regret is not getting our server’s name because he was great! You can visit their website here.