Forever Cherished

Precious Love Series, Book 1

Forever Cherished continues Ben, Tessa, and Jayden’s stories. However, new characters are introduced, as well as new challenges.

Leah, Ben and Tessa’s first guest at their farm “Misty Morn,” has been fighting demons for forty years. A baby literally taken from her arms at seventeen was just the beginning of Leah’s heartache.

Tessa doesn’t know Leah’s story when Veronica, Leah’s sister, first drops off Leah at “Misty Morn.” Tessa can see sadness in Leah’s eyes and wants desperately to help her. Tessa is no counselor, but she has faith that God brought Leah to “Misty Morn” for a reason. Tessa prays God will use her however He sees fit.

Meanwhile, Tessa is dealing with the decline of her father’s health. The dementia diagnosis does not truly hit Tessa until her mum calls to tell Tessa that her father is missing. He left for work, leaving his phone, and never showed up.

Through learning about Leah’s unimaginable heartache and her father’s illness, Tessa still never loses her faith. She keeps her eyes on God. Tessa reminded me of a very important lesson when reflecting on her father’s dementia: “She could choose to be bitter and resentful, or she could choose to make the most of every day and give thanks for all the precious memories.”

I often forget that I can choose how I feel about things. It has been three years since a traumatic brain injury changed my life forever. I can no longer work in a career I loved. I had to sell my home and have lived with friends since the day of my accident.

Since my accident happened at work, my former employer and their insurance company have done everything they could to interfere with my medical treatment or stop it altogether. Some doctors who have treated me as a result of my accident are still waiting for payments. These doctors and facilities are now coming after me to pay for work-related injuries. Needless to say, anger is an emotion with which I am very familiar.

Juliette Duncan’s books remind me that there are people in much worse situations than I. These books remind me that I cannot control the evil in other people’s hearts. What I can control is my response to that evil and trust that God will see me through.