Coffee Shop Girl Book 4

“All bad days breed a need for ice cream.” Ben and Sera definitely need some ice cream.

Benjamin Mercedy is a champion MMA fighter who owns a gym in Pineville. He moved to Pineville when he suddenly became a single father to Ava, his six-year-old daughter. Known as one of the best fighters in the country, Ben is completely unprepared for the fight he will soon face – the most important fight of his life.

Serafina Courdray lives a nomadic life. She travels all over the world, never staying in one place more than a few months. She is in Pineville to enjoy a mountain summer and help her brother recover from shoulder surgery. Sera has no idea that the brother she once new has been replaced with a drug-addicted man she hardly recognizes.

Sparks fly as soon as Ben and Sera meet. Neither is looking for a relationship. Ben just wants to help her learn how to defend herself, and Sera just wants to learn self-defense. Since Ben will not allow Sera to pay for the one-on-one instruction, she brings him food instead. It is not long before Sera has cooked her way into not only Ben’s but also Ava’s heart. It soon becomes apparent that what each of them feels is much more than friendship.

When the ghost of Sadie, Ava’s dead mother, throws a dark shadow over their relationship, Ben is determined not to treat Sera the way Sadie treated him. Sera does so much for Ben and Ava, and Ben feels like he does not reciprocate Sera’s generosity. In order to avoid heartache, Ben determines what is best for their relationship. Instead of allowing Sera to continue to help him navigate the waters of single parenthood while he fights the demons left by Sadie, Ben pushes Sera away. The final blow comes when Ben texts Sera to tell her that she will no longer need to worry about taking care of Ava after school because he will be leaving the MMA Center earlier to spend time with Ava.

No more Ben. No more Ava. No more reason to stay in Pineville.

Ben must figure out what he and Ava need before it is too late. Will he give Sera a reason to stay? Will Sera finally find a place to call home?

Fighter is about loss and fear and communication – or the consequences of no communication. Ben and Sera are both lost souls. The difference is that Ben has Ava to consider. He has to do what is best for Ava, even if it means letting Sera go.

Katie Cross has another home run with Fighter. The entire Coffee Shop Girl series is phenomenal. With each book, more characters enter the lives of Bethany, Lizbeth, and Ellie. More battles are fought – some battles lost; some battles won. The Frolicking Moose Coffee Shop may be in the background of each story, but it is central to them all. I travel to the Frolicking Moose often (have the shirt to prove it). Each person I meet there is a new friend. Katie Cross does not just tell stories in her books. She brings people to life. She makes her settings real to her readers. Pineville is a place every reader wants to visit or move to eventually. After each book, I look forward to the next. This is a series that Katie Cross’s readers want to last for many books to come.