Crowne Plaza Executive Center

How do I express my disappointment in the Crowne Plaza Executive Center. Let me begin by explaining what was good. The service at the front desk was amazing. The lady who helped us check in and check out was so polite and friendly. I heard her joking with other guests and making people smile all around her. When we needed a cart for our luggage, we didn’t even have to ask her where they were. She overheard our conversation and got a cart for us.

Our room was nice. We had a double queen/handicap accessible. The room was great. We had a small refrigerator and a coffee pot. The bathroom was large and wheelchair accessible. What I did not like was the shower. The shower was large and had a place to sit, which was nice. However, whoever designed the shower thought that it would be a better idea to put a small round drain over I the corner rather than a long drain separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. As a result, water was all over the floor in the bathroom. This is not good. Take it from someone who has a traumatic brain injury due to slipping on a wet floor. Having the water from the shower flowing into the bathroom is a bad design. Someone will get hurt. Just to feel comfortable taking a shower, I had to put towels all over the floor.

Before we left Tuesday morning, we wanted breakfast. Crowne Plaza offers free breakfast for its guests. Disappointment isn’t even close to what I felt on my entrance into the breakfast room. No one was there except one young man who was working. That didn’t bother me. What bothered me is that I completely understand why no one was in there. The breakfast was awful. The bacon was greasy. I was excited about possibly having some fresh fruit to start my day. The bananas were brown. The young man working asked the chef to make pancakes for me. The pancakes were wonderful. Other offerings included scrambled eggs and grits. There was no toast and no biscuits. Guests could get the chef to make omelets. I opted for the pancakes, and they were a good choice. For the amount Crowne Plaza Executive Center charges for one night (and a Monday at that), one would expect a much better breakfast than what we had.