Coffee Shop Girl


“This place needs to burn to the ground.” This is how Bethany’s story begins. She is struggling to keep her father’s dream alive even though he is no longer there. Owning a coffee shop was not her dream; it was his. She doesn’t even like coffee.

From the moment the first line is read, the reader is hooked. It’s obvious the coffee shop is in trouble, but why? Bethany is torn between keeping her father’s dream alive and pursuing her own dreams. Following her father’s dream would help her keep him with her, but she would forfeit the life she truly wants for herself. Pursuing her dream would mean letting the coffee shop go, leaving her feeling like she is losing her father all over again.

In walks Maverick, a businessman running from a past that haunts him and a future he doesn’t believe he deserves.

Then Lizbeth and Ellie show up at the coffee shop at 4:45am. Why have her half sisters, who she hardly knows, traveled so far on foot to find her?

Coffee Shop Girl is a story about love and loss, strength and perseverance. The detail Katie Cross uses in describing events gives the reader a vivid image that brings Bethany, Maverick, Lizbeth, and Ellie together, each running from something, unaware how the crossing of their paths will change their lives forever.

As with all her books, Katie Cross makes it easy to fall in love with the characters. Coffee Shop Girl is a beautifully written story. There will be tears and celebrations. Katie Cross leaves the reader wanting more. I can hardly wait for the next installment of the Coffee Shop Girl series.