Clean Sweep

Coffee Shop Series, Book 8

Add another jewel to her crown!!

Clean Sweep solidifies Katie Cross’s place as the Queen of Clean Contemporary Romance. As the Coffee Shop Series grows, readers are falling more in love with Pineville, and more in love with its residents. Readers are also reminded quite clearly why they want their romance-loving teenagers to read books written by Katie Cross. Her books have just as much passion and emotion as any novel. The difference is that these books do not contain an adult-only rating. There is nothing in these books that I would hesitate to allow my teen daughter to read.

In the latest installment of the Coffee Shop Series, Katie Cross explores a whole new demographic. All books up to now have centered around young adults in Pineville figuring out love and life all at once. Clean Sweep introduces Leslie and Tanner. Both are divorced single parents. Each has created a life that is comfortable, and neither wants to disturb the status quo.

When Leslie’s oldest son announces he is bringing his fiancé home, shock does not quite describe her feelings. Landon has only known Starla for four weeks, and they are already engaged. Then she looks around and realizes that she cannot let Starla see her house the way it is. That is when she calls T&C Cleaning. She needs her house deep cleaned, and she does not care how much it costs, as long is it smells lemony at the end of the day.

Tanner receives a new house assignment the same day his most reliable employee elopes and forgets to call and tell him. That means he must clean the house himself. The house takes over six hours to complete, but the results are priceless. The only problem is that in a rush to pick up his daughter at the Frolicking Moose Coffee Shop, Tanner left a vacuum and other cleaning supplies at Leslie’s house.

A spur-of-the-moment lunch with Leslie, her four boys, Tanner and his daughter turns into a scene for family drama that could not be more awkward for Leslie and Tanner. They hardly know each other. They know each other’s kids, but not each other. Tanner’s intuitive nature and calming presence help Leslie through the bombs thrown at her from Landon. She does not realize just how much Tanner is going to help though.

Leslie and Tanner’s story is about new beginnings. Old loves have been let go. Life has moved on. They are settled into adulthood and each is in a good place. Long phone conversations every night and special moments spent together blow up when Leslie learns that Tanner has been keeping a secret from her – a secret that affects not only her but also Landon and Starla. Leslie is angry and hurt and turns Tanner away.

Can what they have be salvaged? Is it too late for them to start over? Can Leslie forgive Tanner for the perceived betrayal? In order to make any kind of relationship work between them, Leslie and Tanner must have forgiveness and acceptance and openness. After the secret Tanner has kept for over a month, it may be too much for Leslie to forgive.

Clean Sweep does not disappoint! Every installment of the Coffee Shop Series makes me fall in love with Pineville and its residents more and more. I’m seriously ready to pack my bags and go spend time hanging out with all my friends at the Frolicking Moose. It will be wonderful!!!! I can hardly wait to get back.