Blood of Zeus Trilogy

Born with strength beyond human comprehension, Maximus Kane has always wondered why is is so different from everyone else. Where does get his massive stature and inexplicable strength. Ever since paralyzing his best friend, Maximus has kept himself from getting too close to anyone.

Now Maximus Kane is Professor Kane. All the girls want to be in his class. Maximus never seems to notice. That is, until Kara Valari walks into his classroom.

Kara Valari is just one member of the famous Valari family from Beverly Hills. The difference with Kara is that she does not want the attention she commands everywhere she goes. Kara just wants to focus on books and studying literature, which is why she is in Professor Kane’s class on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Maximus and Kara are drawn together from the moment they met. Unfortunately, Kara belongs to someone else. Breaking her vow could destroy her whole family. Maximus has never wanted anything or anyone more than he wants Kara. Kara has never felt drawn to anyone the way she is drawn to Maximus. She has known her fate her whole life.

Will Kara keep her vow and fulfill her destiny? Will Maximus break out of his prison and let Kara in? How far is Maximus willing to go for the woman he loves? Is Dante’s description fo Hell real?

The Blood of Zeus trilogy is a great read! The books kept me interested in want to know what happened next. Each book provides unexpected twists and turns. The authors kept me involved with these books and invested in these characters. Maximus is swoon worthy. Kara makes the reader want to root for her. The descriptions of the attraction between Maximus and Kara are quite extreme, but even that is explained in Fate of Storms, Blood of Zeus Book 3.

Fate of Storms provided answers to many questions that arose in Blood of Zeus and Hearts of Fire. The authors added an element to Kara that no one could have seen coming. My favorite surprise, however, came when I finished Fate of Storms. The back cover shows an advertisement for Bridge of Souls, Blood of Zeus Book 4. I cannot wait!!

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