AT&T Sucks

AT&T Internet SUCKS

I am so ready for my contract with AT&T to be up. They want to charge me to cancel my contract to their crappy service. Fortunately, only two months remain on my contract. YAY!!

I actually have an internet booster in my bedroom. As I am typing this, I had to turn off the wifi on my AT&T iPhone in order to access the internet. How sad is it that I have to use my cellular data while sitting beside the internet booster in my house just to get on the internet?

A few years ago I had a bad experience with AT&T, but I was optimistic that maybe, just maybe, they had improved their services. UGH! I am so very disappointed. I actually love my iPhone. I don’t get very good service most of the time, but the phone is great. Again, that’s an AT&T issue. They charge outrageous amounts for unsatisfactory service. AT&T is the epitome of over promise and under deliver.