All Our Darkest Secrets

Martyn Ford

Webster defines riveting as “having the power to fix the attention.” That would be an understatement for All Our Darkest Secrets. It has been a long time since I have read a thriller that left me in such shock at the ending. Martyn Ford could not have told this story or ended this book any better than he did.

Ford sets the tone for his latest novel All Our Darkest Secrets in the prologue, which gives a glimpse into the earliest days of the love story of James and Rosie, back when James’s love for Rosie is unrequited.

James is a DEA agent married to Rose, the only girl he has ever loved. He has been there for her triumphs and her sorrows. He has kept her secrets, even from childhood. When she crosses a deadly line, James must choose between helping Rosie or doing the right thing.

Throughout the book, James has flashbacks to his childhood, when he was growing up with Rosie and her brother Matthew, James’s best friend. At times, James is tormented by these vivid recollections and unsure if he is in that moment or just remembering. The lines are even blurred for the reader on a few occasions. As the back story is coming into better focus for the reader, the current situation in which James finds himself begins to make more sense.

Ford presents an enthralling tale of love and loyalty. All Our Darkest Secrets has plot twists that keep the reader anxious to know what happens next. The story is told in such a way that the reader can feel James’s dilemma and fear and pure horror when Rosie’s darkest secret of all is revealed.

All Our Darkest Secrets kept me on the edge of my seat. Having James and Rosie becoming friends first before they were lovers was refreshing in a world where friendship is often overlooked. It was love at first sight for James. However, in time, he won over Rosie’s heart. Or did he? The reader is left to decide for himself/herself whether Rosie truly loved James or if she was using his feelings for her to manipulate him. James will do anything for Rosie, but how far will James go to protect the woman he loves? How far will Rosie go to protect her secrets?