About Magnolia Mentions

Magnolia Mentions

Magnolia Mentions is an idea that came to me as a way to connect with like-minded people without “connecting” with people. Allow me to explain.

In 2018, I was in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Prior to that point, I was very independent. I was outgoing and loved being around people. Concerts were wonderful fun for me. I was a teacher and loved my “kids.” I was so blessed to be able to teach so many wonderful kids. Yes, I did have challenging students. However, those challenges made me a better teacher and more appreciative of the dream students.

Since the accident, I no longer have my own home. I had to sell my home because I was unable to live alone. For eight months, I was not allowed to drive, and I had to undergo testing to be able to drive again. The TBI changed my whole life. I know that my brain doesn’t work the same way it did prior to my accident. I get frustrated much more easily. People who thought I was OCD before the TBI long for the pre-TBI level of obsessiveness. Having a schedule and having things in order are extremely important to me. When I don’t have those things, I can fall into such a deep depression and/or become so anxious, that I cannot see a way out. People who see me on the rare occasion that I venture out cannot tell there is anything wrong. The only sign that something is different is my service animal that goes everywhere with me. Only the people who are very close to me on a daily basis truly see how different I am.

Throughout my recovery I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions. I cannot remember the first four months after my accident, but my family has explained some things to me. For months I cried daily. The amount of physical pain from all my injuries was difficult to control. However, the depression and anger were the scariest part. Even when I ask about it now, my family is very careful about how they approach the discussion. Knowing what my family had to endure after my accident breaks my heart. The silver lining is how much stronger our bond is now.

The one thing that has been a constant source of light in the darkness following my TBI (aside from my family) has been reading. I consider myself a relatively slow reader, and I have read over 100 books since my accident. I have read authors with whom I was familiar, and I have discovered many new authors who have introduced me to some incredible characters and places. Their stories have helped, and continue to help me through my recovery.

Reading is such a passion for me that I want to share that passion with as many people as possible. That is how Magnolia Mentions was created. This website will share books and authors I love. I also enjoy cooking and baking, so there is an In the Kitchen page. As the site grows, I might add other types of reviews or “Magnolia Mentions.”

If you know an author/book you would like me to review, I am open to suggestions (except horror). If you have a recipe you would like to share, I love trying new things. Please follow me on social media. You can reach me through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.